Curie – Dental Care Network

Curie dental care network is one of the fastest growing group of dental clinics providing comprehensive oral care to patients across the country.

Patient benefit

  • Comprehensive dental care through best in class dentists
  • Easy & transparent appointments booking management
  • Personal digital dental records across the network
  • Treatment financing options within the network
  • Easy discovery of the right dentist for the right need

Doctor benefit

  • An affiliate program for individual clinics or a chain of clinics
  • Each clinic becomes a 'Curie Clinic' and also retains their own brand identity
  • Closed loop network within each city with 20 to 200 clinics based on size/population
  • Promotion of each member clinic in the locality/city with the goal of bringing in business to each clinic
  • The membership will be on a subscription basis with a 3-year time frame and cost INR 25,000/clinic/year

3 reasons for doctors to partner with us

We make it easy

  • Complete modern dental clinic management software
  • Easy appointment & streamlined patient management
  • Patient retention tools & techniques
  • Remote access to your patients through the network

We support you

  • Evidence based practice, capture clinical data in a touch
  • Actionable patient analytics for better workflow
  • Reduce costs & increase profitability
  • Identify revenue leakage in your operations

We help your business

  • Brand management inclusive of clinic branding, promotion through digital and offline activities
  • Attract new patients through dental camps, social media campaigns and creative marketing
  • Partnerships with insurance companies and financial institutions which would generate a stream of patients
  • Liaising with external institutions to acquire mandatory licenses like AERB, Clinical establishment act, pollution control board etc.

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