Ellora Systems is a healthcare technology company that provides, practice-focussed solutions and aims to increase efficiency, productivity and revenue.

Inspired by a vision to deliver, cost-effective and customisable solutions; Ellora Systems, develops technology that bridge the gaps amongst various tech providers in the market.

The mission is to connect every individual to a universal online healthcare facility.

Curie as a product, is the first step to solving the basic problems in the healthcare space; bridging the gaps with an IT solution. Curie as a solution, is both a doctor's assistant and a patient's helper.

Curie Connect is an internet and tablet-based IT solution that helps doctors run their practice more efficiently, save time and increase revenue.

Curie Care is an app-based platform that runs on smartphones and helps patients to easily connect with and access their doctor.

Hello Doctor! I am Curie. Let me help you run your practice more efficiently, save time and increase your revenue. With Curie Connect, you will become the preferred practice for your patients.

Easy Practice
Let's organise your waiting room. I will help patients schedule/re-schedule appointments online. No more crowded reception areas, no more jammed phone lines. Staff productivity increases by 30%. You have more time with your patients and they have a better experience at the clinic.

Easy Billing
Let's sort your billing. I will take care of sending your consultation fees to patients and direct them to the cashier. Once they pay, their records are updated across the clinic.

Automated Records Management
Let's organise your patient records. I will automate filling prescriptions, test reports, diagnostic reports, patient history all in an easy-access file on your screen. Saves time!

Patient Retention
I help make your practice, a preferred practice. Scheduled appointments, streamlined billing, admin facilities and online records, provide a better experience for the patients.

Reduce dependency and attrition
I help reduce the work load and dependency on nurses and admin staff by online appointment scheduling and Electronic Medical Records.

Remote clinic operations
I help monitor, schedule and operate your clinic with your Curie App. I provide quick access reports and live updates. Aids your busy schedule and is handy at times of travel.

Hi there! I am Curie. Let me help you manage your doctor visits on your smartphone. Download the App on your mobile and I will show you how easily you can schedule appointments, make video calls to your doctor and a lot more...

Appointments made easy
Do you need to see your doctor? Let's schedule/re-schedule or cancel your appointments.

Accessible Records
You can save all your medical records here. Get the blood test reports, scan reports and prescriptions all in one place. Your doctor can access this information easily.

(Coming soon)- Video consult with your doctor
Can't visit your doctor? Would you like to speak to him? Login the app and call your doctor with a video call facility.


Dr. M.Venkat, Dentist

The clinical workflow between the doctor, nurse and the patient is precisely managed by the Curie Software. Differentiating new and old patients is much easier as the software fetches all the information of the existing patients. Recording the vitals of a patient prior to meeting the doctor helps in analyzing the patient’s condition more appropriately.
Arka Dentofacial Care
Dr. D.Sridhar, Dentist

Curie software has brought down the effort put into daily tasks by helping me manage my clinical operations seamlessly since the past 5 months. The electronic medical records keep track of my patient’s medical history and payment dues. Being a dentist, an automated consent form helps me to capture patient consent and thus adhere to IDA compliance.
Pavi's Dental Clinic

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