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About Curie

Secure, Easy & Personalised

Curie is a modern dental software platform connecting the doctor, nurse, patient & other dental ecosystem players.

Curie clinic - A network of dental clinics across India providing realtime dental care to patients.

About Ellora

Your IT Partner in 'Care'

Since Jan 2017

Ellora Systems is a health care technology company creating solution that solves uniquely Indian problems and helps in delivering a better quality of care.

We are a bunch of engineers working with doctors to create simple software that works for all.

The Dentist’s Toolbox

All your clinical operations in a touch
Easy Practice
Touch and voice-based software that helps run your clinical practice more productively saving your time, increasing efficiency and revenue.
Branding & Marketing
Reach out to more patients increasing your local presence in your neighbourhood. Run Digital & Physical marketing campaign at the click of a button.
Integrated orders
Save money by managing your dental supplies & consumables with Curie which connects you to dental labs and supply partners in real-time.
High Patient Engagement
Connect with your patients better through digital tools and make sure they are taken care with higher patient satisfaction.

For Patients

Convenient and Affordable Dental Care
Realtime Connection
Your own smartphone app providing live appointment scheduling and tracking. Instantly chat with your clinic & connect with your doctor virtually from anywhere.
Treatment Financing
Avail a simple & affordable way to dental treatments by getting instant approvals and offers on EMI and fulfil both your clinical and financial needs.


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